[mythtv-users] missing lower half of video

djg at pdp8.net djg at pdp8.net
Tue Oct 31 13:09:14 UTC 2006

   I put the Nvidia card (6200) in and so far it solved most of my problem 
with the poor ATI card drivers which seemed to be getting worse not better 
at least for TV.  My PC no longer locks up when I try to reboot.  

   Overscan settings work with Nvidia.  The Nvidia card doesn't allow setting
separate horizontal and vertical overscan which early ATI drivers did but 
overscan was totally broken in later drivers.  On my TV the amount of 
horizontal and vertical overscan is different so either loose a little from 
the sides or have black at top and bottom. May have to get out a screw driver
at some point.

   Also the Nvidia doesn't allow both SVIDEO and composite to be active at
the same time.  With the ATI card I was using them to separate TV's until
a later driver broke composite entirely.

>How do you *put* the Nvidia card on the Qbus, anyway, David? :-) 
I use one of those PC based adapters. Since the PC is less that
the cost of the 8 when new it must be the peripheral right? Omnibus was
the 8/E and later backplane bus used in PDP-8's.

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