[mythtv-users] Gmane?

jack snodgrass mrlinuxgroups at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 13:47:53 UTC 2006

On 10/28/06, Ed Gatzke <gatzke at sc.edu> wrote:
>  >On Sun, May 11, 2003 at 00:42:50AM -0500, Ben Davis wrote:
> >>/ I've noticed lately that the Myth-users llist is getting pretty high
> />>/ traffic.. this is a great thing, except that it gets harder and harder
> />>/ to navigate through messages in my inbox, and keep track of the ones I'm
> />>/ trying to follow...
> /
> >Personally, I'd love to see the Myth lists on gmane.org. (mail to NNTP
> >gateway) The nature of newsgroups means nntp software generally has
> >better threading and thread watching/ignoring capabilities.
> >
> >Rob
> The previous is the only mythtv-users post I found mentioning gmane (according to the google)
> I am new to mythtv-users (although I have recieved mythtv-dev summaries for quite some time).
> This list traffic is very high, so I use the digest.  Replying to a post is also a bit awkward if you are using the archives or the digest.
> I personally would love to see these lists on gmane, which gives a simple interface to watch/read threads and post to threads.
> The existing mythtv-users list stays the same, gmane just organizes the list traffic like a threaded newsgroup on a web page.
>    http://gmane.org/faq.php
> I don't think much would have to be done, other than a mythtv-users admin sending a email to the gmane folks
>    http://gmane.org/add.php
> One odd (nice?) thing at gmane, they actually force nice rules if you post using their interface (80 col width, amount of copied text, post below).

.... not gmane.. but I kind of like gmail for this mailing list. I set
up my own,
'groups' dedicated gmail account and have list mail sent to it. I use
gmail manager ( firefox extension ) to manage my multiple gmail accounts.


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