[mythtv-users] Hauppauge PVR* MCE Kit - how current is the remote control?

Jerome Yuzyk jerome at supernet.ab.ca
Sat Oct 28 07:04:46 UTC 2006

On Friday 27 October 2006 13:47, Ed Gatzke wrote:
> /
> /
> >I have that kit. The remote is fine - there is a sample lircrc config
> > for it in the lircrc tree that you have to install anyway. I redefined
> > a couple buttons to my taste, and the sample file suggests some Myth
> > key changes which I also did. I had to redefine the Myth definition
> > for Mute to use '|' instead of F9 because Myth won't recognize my F9
> > key. Just last night I redefind the Windows button to bring up the EPG
> > menu. I do find it a bit large and gratuitously rounded for where I
> > like to keep it on my desk, but that's a quibble.
> Could you post or email links and instructions on how to set up this
> remote? I used the MCE USB setting in knoppmyth and it sorta works, but
> not all buttons are active.
> As for quality of the PVR 500 card with Samsung tuners, did you patch
> your kernel?  It is almost adequate after the patch.
> I do have seg faults when PIPing two SD feeds though, not the card's
> fault.
> To patch (From 
> http://mysettopbox.tv/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=11871&highlight=  )
> cd ~
> wget http://www.madslab.com/pvr500_samsung_patch_2.6.17.diff
> cd /usr/src/linux/drivers/media/video/
> patch -p0 < /root/pvr500_samsung_patch_2.6.17.diff
> cd /usr/src/linux
> make ; make modules_install
> rmmod ivtv ; rmmod tuner
> modprobe tuner ; modprobe ivtv

I am using Fedora RPMs so patching is a bit beyond me. I did however 
upgrade to the latest ivtv (0.8) and kernel (2.6.18) because there are 
supposed to be some relevant patches there, and actually the picture is 
now worse, with significant cross-hatch (herringbone) noise on all 

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