[mythtv-users] Puzzled by seektables.

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Oct 27 21:26:59 UTC 2006

On 10/27/06 16:23, Davide Chiarini wrote:

>I'm using mythtv 0.20 on debian, with debianmultimedia packages, on a
>box with two dvb cards (one dvb-t, the other dvb-s).

>cutting commercials out by hand is ok for me.
>so I bring up the editing menu, but unfortunately I'm hit by a 'no
>seektables' message, and nothing happens.
>so I do some more reading, I find out about mythcommflag and
>--rebuild. I try it on some recordings, and they are scanned. I go
>into the editing menu, and this time I see the bar at te bottom, and I
>can move forward and backward. But when I try to set a cutpoint, the
>'no seektables' message comes up again.

I'm guessing either a) you have a 0.19 version of 
mythbackend/mythcommflag on your system, b) your recordedmarkup table 
was corrupt when you upgraded to 0.20, so data wasn't properly moved to 
recordedseek, or c) your recordedseek table is currently corrupt (does 
not rule out b, though).

The first step in fixing it is to run optimize_mythdb.pl from the 
contrib directory of the source distribution (also probably installed by 
packages).  Once that's done, run "mythcommflag --rebuild -f 
/path/to/recording" on one file.  Then, try to edit that recording (let 
me know if you need help figuring out which recording goes with a file, 
but basically, the last part of the filename is date/time and the first 
part is typically "related" to channel number).

If you're able to edit that recording, then go back and do a 
"mythcommflag --rebuild --all".  Once done you can (although you 
probably don't need to if you're planning to manually edit the 
recordings) run commercial flagging on your shows with "mythcommflag --all".


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