[mythtv-users] Timeshifting on a diskless Front End?

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<I searched through the FAQ and never found an answer to this question.  If I use a centrally-located server for <all recording and disk storage, would a separate, possibly diskless, Front End be able to timeshift live TV?  I <guess it would be doing this over the network, which may have negative performance consequences, but is it <possible?

Not only is it possible there is a nice little distro packaged up and geared toward diskless workstations.  It is called minimyth and can be found at http://linpvr.org.

I use it for one of my front ends a Via EPIA SP1300 and it works quite well.

<The topology I have in mind is to replace two Tivos with a central MythTV server and two MythTV front ends. I <was considering using old XBoxes for the front ends.  Since setting up a system like this could take a <considerable amount of time and a nontrivial amount of cash, I would appreciate any feedback you guys have on <this plan.  I know you guys probably hear these kinds of questions asked all the time, so I apologize for being <repetitious
<  If there's a post or webpage out there somewhere, please point me to it.

<Thanks for your knowledge and time,
<Donald Hughes

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