[mythtv-users] Mysql not starting

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Thu Oct 26 16:08:01 UTC 2006

Matthew Asplund wrote:
> I rebooted my Ubuntu Dapper Drake/mythtv0.20 setup this morning, and it 
> isn't restarting correctly.  I cannot start up mythbackend because it 
> says that mysql is not running (which is correct).  I try running 
> /etc/init.d/mysql start and it times out starting msqladmin, because it 
> cannot connect to the socket.  I try running mysqld as root, and (sudo 
> /usr/sbin/msqld) and it says it cannot start because the port is already 
> bound to a process, and to check that a mysql server is already 
> running.  ps -aux | grep sql shows nothing running.
> I am not sure what to do.  How do I find out what is blocking access to 
> the port?  I have done several updates from binary .debs from the one 
> apt repository (I cannot remember the address, and I am at work, so I 
> cannot look up the address, it may have been the iowa state one, but it 
> might have been another).
> (This is only a crisis, because The Office is on tonight, and my son has 
> a concert, though I can record it another way if I have to.)
> Matthew Asplund

what does

lsof | grep mysql



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