[mythtv-users] channel line up priorities; what are others doing

jeff news at propixs.com
Wed Oct 25 04:16:49 UTC 2006

Paul Andreassen wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Oct 2006 03:27 pm, jeff wrote:
>> Was curious what others were doing if they are in a similar situation.
>> I just got my HDHomerun hooked up so i have 2 HD tuners and one pvr
>> 350.  What I want to do is just schedule shows to record not caring
>> about the channel name (i.e. NBC vs NBC-DT) or if they are in HD or not
>> such that if I have 3 shows recording at the same time if any of them
>> are in HD the shows that will benefit from the new tuners will
>> automatically be put onto the HD tuners.  And if none of the shows are
>> in HD then they would all be recorded on the best tuner available (ie HD
>> anyways).
> The easiest and best way to do this is to change your card order in 
> mythtv-setup with the best cards first.
>> The last catch in my question is if I'm recording lets say Friends (and
>> pretend there are HD versions of it).  I don't want every show of
>> friends on every channel.  Only the ones on NBC.
> You can select 'Record at any time on this channel' when scheduling a 
> recording.
>> To do this I THINK I need to do a channel record for the show AND have
>> the channel names be the same between the tuners ( i.e. NBC on both
>> regardless that one is channel 12 and one is 812 so myth will treat them
>> as the same channel) AND raise the priority on the HD tuners in
>> mythtv-setup AND in the recording profiles increase the (new) option for
>> HDTV Recording priority.
> Channel number or call signs must be the identical to be treated the same.
> Paul
I went ahead and raised the priority of the HD Tuners and changed the 
call sign on the HD channels to match the analog version since they 
really are the same channel.  I'm not sure what repercussions there will 
be for making this change but it does allow all shows to "migrate" to 
the better tuner even when doing a "record only this show".  As long as 
this doesn't mess anything up it is pretty close to what I want other 
then the HD shows do not get priority on the HD card. 

I thought about writing a script to set the HDTV flag to true in the 
programs table for shows which are available in HD based on my other 
lineup (the one that is no longer the old callsign but still on the old 
xmlid) to give the additional HD priority.  But have mustered the nerve 
to make that change yet since it would also require the scheduler to run 
after the change  and i'm not sure if that would happen automaticlly and 
figure i should wait till i see if the latest change of the callsign 
messes up anything.

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