[mythtv-users] Bad playback from 5200

Jack McGee jack at greendesk.net
Wed Oct 25 02:03:15 UTC 2006

I have googled myself to death as a linux newbie, getting MythTV, IVTV 
and LIRC  installed on Ubuntu and to the point it does most things good. 

I am having a problem hard to describe, but playback via SVHS out on my 
5200 to my TV has artifacting when there is much motion.  Almost like 
the screen is being sliced into horizontal pieces and one or two gets 
out of sync with rest of screen.  It resolves itself when the content 
settles down.

I can play the mpeg2 files fine across the network on my Windows box, so 
I don't think they are recorded that way. 

I guess I need some clues on what logs to look in to see what is amiss.

I am using the Nvidia commercial driver, not the open source, I see the 
Nvidia graphic splash when the computer boots.

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