[mythtv-users] Possibly OT - Shortening Recordings

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Oct 24 15:58:47 UTC 2006

Bruce Nordstrand wrote:
> Hi all
> Can anyone point me to any info relating to shortening recordings that I 
> want to keep. Down in in Aus program times are not accurate so I record 
> before and after the actual program time. I would like to shorten these 
> recordings up and even cut bits out for external use but I don't know 
> how. Any help would be appreciated.
Hit MENU while watching, go to Edit Recording and then set cutlists by 
moving through the video and setting cut points.  Once cut, you won't 
see them when watching and then if you do a lossless MPEG-2 transcode 
they will be permanently removed from the file.


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