[mythtv-users] How to restore mythfrontend default appearance settings?

jack snodgrass mrlinuxgroups at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 23:35:50 UTC 2006

On 10/23/06, RParr <RParr at temporalarts.com> wrote:
> I tried to change mythfrontend -> setup -> appearance  to run mythtv in
> a 1200x900 window on my 1600x1200 KDE desktop.
> When mythfrontend restarted after making the above changes, or now when
> started, my LCD monitor is reset and displays a message about "that mode
> is not supported".  I am assuming is trying to reset to a 1200x900 mode
> and there isn't one.  It is supposed to be running in a 1200x900 window
> and NOT resetting the X mode at all.
> 1) How do I reset/restore the mythfrontend settings;  I am assuming I
> need to use mysql to change some settings but need to know which ones.
> 2) Should setting "run in window" and setting x / y to 1200x900 work?
> Thanks
> R.Parr, RHCE, Temporal Arts

figure out what your hostname setting should be and send this to
your mysql server: ( thie example assumes your front end is called
larry )

delete FROM settings where value like '%Resolution%' and hostname = 'larry';

... before running this, maybe do
select * from settings where value like '%Resolution%';
so you can see what is set up already.

Once these are gone and you re-start mythfrontend, the settings will
be re-populated.


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