[mythtv-users] Problem with stopping recordings until PC reboot

Darío Díaz Anzalone anakha at igijon.com
Sun Oct 22 21:17:00 UTC 2006


I've been a while with this problem, and I don't know what more can I 
try...thinking on reinstalling all again...

The problem: When the machine is just started, mythtv recordings works 
like a charm...when I set a program in the program guide I can see it in 
another colour, and the recording happens. But after one or two days, 
recordings stop to happen, and when I set a recording (manually or in 
the program guide) mythtv seems not to realized it. It is not show in 
another colour in program guide and in the solving conflicts section 
Mythtv says that I don have any scheduled recordings. But if I watch 
directly the record table on mysql, there is an entry for each program I 

Restarting frontend or backend dont solve the problem, and restarting 
sql doesn't do anything either. But if I restart the PC, all works 
again, including previously set programs...for a couple of days...

any ideas?

thank you in advance and best regards,


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