[mythtv-users] missing lower half of video

djg at pdp8.net djg at pdp8.net
Sun Oct 22 02:07:31 UTC 2006

>I just updated Mythtv on Gentoo. After updating from .19 to .20 I'm
>missing the lower half of any recorded T.V.
> I'm using ati's proprietary driver with a Radeon 9800
I haven't been able to run an ATI driver newer than 8.20.8 since all
after that have the same problem for me on a 9550. Was waiting to reply 
until I tried the latest driver which also doesn't work right.  Same for 
me under myth .19 or .20.  I'm running dual head.  Haven't found a
solution so now have an Nvidia card on order.

David Gesswein
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