[mythtv-users] Using mythfrontend for avi files to dvd... (everything ends up as low resolution)

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Sat Oct 21 03:33:36 UTC 2006

stuart wrote:
 > Hi...
 > Was wondering if very many people have tried to go from avi to dvd using
 > the new mythfrontend?  Everything I have tried ends up in low
 > resolution.  No matter which mythfrontend setting I pick (i.e. LP, SP,
 > HQ).  I realize this is more to do w/the parameters used in the scripts
 > - but 'am posting this in case there's a simple solution at the
 > mythfrontend level.
 >                 ...thanks
 > _______________________________________________


The solution has already been discussed.  The problem is that ffmpeg's 
argument for the "-b" switch has been changed.  For example, if the old 
command line looked like "ffmpeg -b 4557"  the new line should be 
"ffmpeg -b 4557k".  I am running FC5 and recently (today 20061020) 
updated (using yum).

Here's the 8 day old thread:
>>>> Newer ffmpeg versions no longer take video bitrates in kbits/s. It now
>>>> takes it in bits/s. Try editing the mytharchive encoder profiles and adding
>>>> three zeroes onto all of the bitrates. I think this is fixed in SVN but not
>>>> fixes-0.20.
>>> Thanks - that fixed it. I added a "k" to the "-b" options in the
>>> /usr/local/share/mythtv/mytharchive/encoder_profiles/* files (and also
>>> fixed my copy of the source, for the next build and install).
>>> I've tried both the SD and LP options tonight and the results are
>>> excellent once the bitrate parameter for ffmpeg is fixed.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Leighton
>> Works for me too... Being as this appears to work on both older and
>> newer versions of ffmpeg... I wonder why it isn't backported into
>> 0.20-fixes branch.
>> -Mike
> Mainly because I wasn't 100% sure that all older versions of ffmpeg
> would accept the 'k' suffix so I thought the best thing to do was wait a
> while to see if anyone complains about ffmpeg not working with the svn
> trunk version of MythArchive. I'm surprised at how many people that are
> using the fixes branch are using the latest svn version of ffmpeg.
> Anyway the change seems harmless enough so I'll merge it into the fixes
> branch when I get some time.
> Paul H.

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