[mythtv-users] Error was encountered while displaying video

Geoff Newell qldvoipster at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 23:50:52 UTC 2006

I get this error frequently as well. Usually about 7 times a day. My wife
thinks MythTV is dodge but this is the only problem I have with an otherwise
amazing product.

The error occurs under the following circumstances:
1)  Watching liveTV when a new liveTV program starts. (Suspect new file
2)  Watching liveTV when a to-be recorded program starts recording

It never happens during playback of pre-recorded programs. It is limited to

I am running MythTV 0.20 with the following specifics:
a)  ext3 File system with LVM
b)  Software RAID striped hard disks for /mythtv/video partition - hdparm
reporting 110MB/s.
c)  DVICO Fusion HDTV Dual Channel PCI Card
d)  Pentium 2.4GHz / 512MB RAM and NVDIA 5500FX graphics card.
e)  Fedora Core 5 - kernel 2.6.17-1.2187_FC5

It used to happen frequently with 0.19 also and I had high hopes for
0.20but alas it still occurs.

The effect of this error is:
1) Display of liveTV stops with the "Error was encountered while displaying
2) Programs due to be recorded are aborted and display of Live TV stops. (I
have 2 channels so this should work sweet).

Can anyone shed some light on what seems to be a common problem?



P.S. When I go to delete pre-recorded shows, I experience a 5second delay
for an hour long show. ext3 is slower than xfs at deleting programs. I
wonder if this is related to the above problem.
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