[mythtv-users] cannot schedule recordings any more

Carlos Puchol cpg at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Oct 20 21:01:32 UTC 2006

fwiw, i figured out what happened here.

when machine B was setup, somehow it set the backend
in machine A's mythtv settings to the IP address of
machine B (!!) ... so things got out of whack.

i suspect machine B did it, because i do not recall even touching
machine A's settings.

reverting machine A's setup to have a master backed
of made it possible again to schedule recordings.

that suggests that the setup of a remote front end may not be
right and needs fixing?



Carlos Puchol <cpg at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> hi all,
> i am having a problem where i updated mythtv to 0.20
> and now, i cannot schedule recordings in the future.
> i do not know how to actually debug this and i have
> not seen related problems in the user list.
> i built a myth box a little while ago, say, machine A,
> roughly around march/april when fedora core 5 was released.
> it was essentially fedora core 5 and myth rpms from
> atrpms of myth-suite and related (ivtv modules and lirc
> modules). it has the backend and the front end all in
> the same machine.
> i kept it up to date relatively often and things were
> really smoth for a few months. about a week ago
> i yum-updated the box and now things are a bit unstable.
> (see the list of rpms at the bottom).
> note that i am not 100% sure that the update was the problem,
> as i also had to install a front end in another machine
> (say machine B) to use the back end in machine A.
> as part of that, i had to open the mysql permissions
> wide open.
> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON mythconverg.* TO 'mythtv'@'%'  IDENTIFIED BY 'mythtv';
> also, all my future scheduled recordings 
> dissapeared from the list of upcoming recordings around
> that time.
> i am not using machine B at the moment while i try
> to debug this.
> bottom line, the number one problem is that i cannot
> go to the program guide and schedule stuff for recording.
> when i try to schedule a program to be recorded, i press
> in the [Save these settings] after setting the top
> option to, say, "Record in this timeslot every day".
> then i get the program guide right back, then very quickly,
> the time at the top right (i am with mythcenter theme,
> i believe, in case they differ), flashes quickly two or
> three times, and that's it.
> the program does not get the little circle
> that indicates it will record.
> however, i can press the record button when some program
> is playing live in tv, and it will record it just fine.
> note, however, that when i exit the live image and
> i go to the "Watch recordings" ... then top one
> (which is currently recording), used to be red, indicating
> that it is recording at the moment, however, now
> it's just white, like the rest of recordings from the past.
> however, if i go to the program guide, now the program
> that is recording live, has the little circle with an S,
> indicating it is being recorded.
> does that give enough clues to give some idea of what's wrong?
> also, when i tried to schedule something, i tried it while
> also running:
> 	tail -f /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log
> however, nothing was diplayed at the time i went to the program
> guide and tried to schedule something in the future.
> i also noticed that there is a three or four pixel high
> flickering bright blue line at the top.
> also, the menus seem to be more lagging in some cases.
> any ideas??
> thanks!
> -c
> here is the list of myth rpms:
> [22:23:34](1)pvr:~$ rpm -qa | grep myth
> myththemes-0.20-110.at
> mythtv-theme-purplegalaxy-0.20031214-4.at
> mythtv-backend-0.20-142.fc5.at
> mythgame-0.20-138.fc5.at
> mythtv-theme-photo-4-7.at
> mythtv-theme-visor-0.16.2-6.at
> mythtv-0.20-142.fc5.at
> mytharchive-0.20-138.fc5.at
> mythmusic-0.20-138.fc5.at
> mythtv-theme-sleek-0.35-3.at
> mythtv-theme-ProjectGrayhem-1.7-2.at
> mythtv-theme-abstract-0.20040910-3.at
> mythtv-themes-0.20-142.fc5.at
> mythdvd-0.20-138.fc5.at
> mythflix-0.20-138.fc5.at
> mythcontrols-0.20-138.fc5.at
> mythplugins-0.20-138.fc5.at
> mythtv-suite-0.20-62.at
> mythstream-0.17_1-13.fc5.at
> mythmkmovie-1.1.4-5.fc5.at
> mythtv-frontend-0.20-142.fc5.at
> mythgallery-0.20-138.fc5.at
> mythvideo-0.20-138.fc5.at
> mythnews-0.20-138.fc5.at
> mythtv-setup-0.20-142.fc5.at
> libmyth-0.20-142.fc5.at
> mythbrowser-0.20-138.fc5.at
> mythweather-0.20-138.fc5.at
> mythtv-theme-MediaCenter-0.17-5.at
> mythweb-0.20-88.at
> mythphone-0.20-138.fc5.at
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