[mythtv-users] flashing/flickering on playback after pause

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 20 17:50:52 UTC 2006

> Is this with TV out? It sounds like you have a modeline with twice the
> frame refresh rate as the actual display (30fps). The nVidia drivers
> allow you to create such a modeline, but they shouldn't because it
> screws up interlaced video playback.
> -- Daniel

Myself and a couple of others are seeing this on 6150 chipsets, yet I
don't recall seeing it on my old 5200FX.  In both cases, I'm using the VGA
output to my HD monitor, with the same modelines (unfortunately, the
monitor does not have a DVI or HDMI connector).

If it is the case that my modelines are incorrect (I originally generated
them using PowerStrip), then I'd really like to get correct ones to make
the funky lines go away.  (They are most distracting while watching HD

That said, if I'm setting my monitor to 720p (according to the monitor,
that is it's optimum resolution, although it also supports 1080i), I
should be getting 60 frames per second at 60Hz, when watching 720p
content, correct?  I would then use de-interlacing to watch my 29.97fps SD
content or my 1080i HD content at the 720p resolution, right?

(At the moment however, I'm using a 540p modeline, because my HD monitor
reports that it is truly giving me 60Hz, whereas my 720p modeline gives me
59.9Hz.  Not really sure how much of a difference that 0.1Hz makes.)

-- Joe

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