[mythtv-users] new user, svn 0.20 ubuntu, some config q's

Brian Smith jpncj7 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 03:47:24 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I tried gentoo, gave up and went ubunto with my amd64 dual core. M2NPV-VM
motherboard. (Ubuntu Dapper)
1 DVICO RT Light

MythTV svn as of about a week ago.

SPDIF out, is working, sounds great, but when exiting "live tv" a "recorded
program" or a "Watch DVD" I hear the last 1/2 second audio looping until I
get back to the mythfrontend screen which takes 2-5 seconds.  Any ideas on
that one?

Can't get sound on either DVICO using analog.  When refering to the
cx88-alsa provided /dev/dsp2 (as it maps it) for the gold, it won't even
allow me to tune analog anymore.  On the lite I don't know how to configure
myth to use the cdrom input that the cable is attached to on the
motherboard.  Suggestions?

Any work on a POP3 plugin going on?

MythMusic was not great in 0.19, haven't tried it yet in 0.20, any better
support for large collection?  I'm a jinzora fan myself and I hope to help
with some soft of plugin support for that.

Thanks for any insight on these issues,

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