[mythtv-users] Video Memory -- How Much?

Jon Boehm jbpub at comcast.net
Wed Oct 18 21:12:34 UTC 2006

Yes, one of the key differences between the 5200 and the 6200 is that the
6200 can do dual link DVI.  But which mem size?

> The important piece is if the card has dual-link DVI since it is
> required for 1080p bandwidth. Without a dual-link DVI card and cable,
> you won't get 1080p on any display.

>> I'm looking at the nVidia 6200TC PCIE cards.  I see they come in 4 sizes
64, >> 128, 256, and 512.  In the product description they say "on board
>> Supporting 512MB."  I'm not sure if this implies its upgradeable to 512MB
or >> if is capable of expanding its vmem to 512 by sharing system memory.

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