[mythtv-users] irblaster sort of working: DCT2244 please help!

Bruce Taber b.taber at comcast.net
Wed Oct 18 18:15:04 UTC 2006

I've got the same (brain dead) box and am using the contributed program
from the mythtv/contrib/dct-channel.tar.bz2 file. Compile it (the
compile creates channel), put channel in /usr/local/bin/, and update the
capture card setup in mythtv-setup to point to the file
- /usr/local/bin/channel. The lircd.conf is for the remote. It doesn't
care about the device that is being controlled.

On Wed, 2006-10-18 at 13:30 -0400, Stephen Sassman wrote:
> I am trying to control a Motorola DCT2244 box with Insight digital
> cable (Mythtv SVN). The problem is that when I change channels with
> the remote, I need to push enter after typing the channel number to
> get it to change. Since the lircd.conf for the DCT2244 only has "raw
> codes" for the numbers 0 - 9, I don't know if it is possible. Is it
> the box itself that needs me to push enter or just the way that the
> cable company has it set up??? I have tried the config for DCT2000 and
> DCT2524, but neither works. 
> As a side note: the change_chan.sh script works OK (except no enter)
> when I call it from the command line, but when called from myth lots
> of extra numbers get sent. 
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