[mythtv-users] Lix Systems Barebones -- thoughts on it for a QUIET frontend

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 17:54:38 UTC 2006

On 10/16/06, mythtv at shelfspace.com <mythtv at shelfspace.com> wrote:
> Hello all.
> My current frontend/backend dell box w/ 500gb of harddrives in it is
> getting WAAYYYY to loud for the living room, so my wife wants me to
> move it to the basement and replace it with a whisper quiet front-end.
> I've done a lot of research, and am having a hard time finding
> examples of front-end only boxes that list exactly what components are
> in there so that I could build/price it myself.
> In a moment of (weakness)/inspiration, I came across the Lixsystems
> barebones:
> http://www.linuxtechtoys.com/ltt/product_info.php/cPath/24_25/products_id/235
> $349 for everything but harddrive/cpu/memory.
> I've checked the archives and haven't seen any reviews (I think it
> only came out 1 month ago).  So, has anybody seen it?  Is it that
> quiet?  Is it that worth it?
> Failing that, if you are currently running a FrontEnd only box that is
> quiet, can you send me your Hardware specs (like which case, which
> motherboard, which cpu, onboard video out, etc) so that I could pretty
> much use it as a shopping list at newegg.  :)
> For the responses that come to me directly, I will post a summary
> within a week to let you all know what I've heard.
> thanks,
> mark
> _______________________________________________

One of the things you didn't mention is whether you are doing HD or
not, but I'd guess with a 500GB hard drive you are probably not (yet).

In that case, the Epia based systems are really a nice choice to fit
the "small, quiet, and works-with-mythtv" description.  The SP8000 is,
IMHO, one of the best choices for a solution that works for people in
your situation.  Toss in a Gig of RAM  and netboot, and you've got
yourself a silent frontend.  You come out spending a bit more more
upfront than if you choose a AMD/Intel based solution, but the in the
long term, the silent system is definitely going to prove to be well
worth the extra money spent.

Short of that, you *can* build a very quiet frontend using:
One of the 6150 based motherboards (these are good for having a
motherboard with TV out integrated into the board)
One of the SilverStone cases (sometimes you have to swap out some of
their case fans for quieter ones)
An AMD64 Sempron ( somewhere close to a 3000)
Replace the factory heatsink/fan with a Zalmann cooler, they provide
better cooling and quieter fans.

That's about it, I think all of that is available at Newegg as well.
Probably looking at close to $500 all said and done.  IMHO, the
~$650-$700 spent on a nice Epia based system is a far better option,
but $150+ isn't exactly 'chump change' to everyone.



Prebuilt HDTV capable systems at reasonable prices:

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