[mythtv-users] lirc, ATI Remote Wonder Plus, no irw/irrecord response, FC5

mythordie at geezernation.us mythordie at geezernation.us
Tue Oct 17 13:53:49 UTC 2006

Thanks for the advice!

Perhaps it's time to give up on the ATI model.

Re Option #1:  Did you try the schematics posted on lirc.org?

Re Option #3:  How clever!  I've got an IR keyboard/mouse/dongle in the
scrap drawer.  Back to the lab. . .

-- Ojisama --

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response, FC5

Laptop IR options- I am running the MCE remote control option, but may swap
to IR keyboard emulation. 

1) Serial IR receiver- build it yourself or buy one ready made (quite an
easy thing to build if you can use a soldering iron). 
2) Microsoft MCE remote control and USB receiver- pretty easy to set up,
works OK once you put the "responsiveness patch" onto the mceusb2 driver. 
3) Buy an IR keyboard with USB IR receiver dongle, and train a remote
control to emit signals that emulate keypresses.  Search the web for JP1
remote controls, there are downloadable protocols that have keyboard codes
(PC to One-for-all JP1 remote control transfer requires build/buy a serial
or parallel or USB "JP1 cable"). 

Good luck! 


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