[mythtv-users] Information/Recommendations on a new MythTV

Timothy Chartier thymus at earthling.net
Mon Oct 16 20:10:09 UTC 2006

Ok..lets see if I have all this information correct before I spend money on this project. 

The 350 I was looking at is not advised as it has little support and the decoder less 150 with my 3000+ CPU is enough for me to record and play at the same time. The problems with getting MythTV to work under Linux (as found at http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16815116633) can be avoided if I add debian-multimedia to my apt.sources and get MythTV from there via “apt-get install mythtv”. 
The 20GB hard drive I have for testing (so as to not destroy my main desktop) is good to get the bugs worked out but probably will not be viable as the space required will probably be much larger then the hard drive size. The EXT3 file system is acceptable as long as I don't delete while trying to record a program and use the “save old files” after transcoding. I believe that is the term for converting from MythTV format to DivX or another format that takes up less space. Please correct me if I am incorrect on this. There is an option for slow deleting of files and keep files after transcoding that I am encouraged to set in the event I accidentally delete a program while recording another.
The instillation of the hardware is as simple as adding the 150 card to the system, putting the cover back on. Connecting the coax connector from the satellite decoder to the 150 card and the rest of the connectors get plugged in as normal. There is no need to connect the 150 card to the GeForce card as some has stated is required. 

I think that is everything. Any other constructive comments and/or suggestions would be appreciated. I am hoping to get this to get this project underway this coming weekend. 

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