[mythtv-users] 0.20, mythtv-setup not getting all channels

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Oct 16 14:50:10 UTC 2006

On 10/14/06 02:10, Scott Walker wrote:

>Ok, did the "tv_grab_na_dd --dd-data datadirect.xml --days 0 >
>xmltv.xml" like you suggested, and got some possibly interesting results....
Maybe they've changed the grabber, but on my version, I get the XMLTV 
format data, which is really irrelevant in this case, but redirecting it 
keeps the output short (making it easier to identify download errors), 
so whatever...

>First, the xmltv.xml file was empty.
>The datadirect.xml had tons of stuff in it. When I ran the utility, it
>asked me at one point which of the two lineups I had in Datadirect I
>wanted to download;
Because you didn't first configure the XMLTV grabber ("tv_grab_na_dd 
--configure"), but that's fine.

> I selected the 4DTV satellite lineup. Looking
>through the datadirect.xml  file, near the beginning of it, I found a
>large number of <station> blocks (don't know the proper XML term) with
>all the satellite channels in them.
And, within the 4DTV lineup element, you don't have any duplicate 
channel mappings, like:

<map station='10724' channel='232' from='2002-04-17'/>
<map station='10724' channel='8004' from='2002-06-10'/>

Note the identical station ID's.  That means that mythfilldatabase will 
not add a duplicate if one of the two is already in there.  If I want 
both, I'd have to manually add the second with the channel editor and 
mythfilldatabase is already loading its data, so...

>And yet, mythfilldatabase effectively ignores 90% of the satellites, and
>XMLTV produces an empty  xmltv.xml file. I seem to be no closer to
>getting all the channels into Myth....
If no duplicates, it comes back to the first statement in my previous 
reply, "If you are truly doing everything correctly and mythfilldatabase 
only downloads 10 of the channels when all are in your lineup, it means 
that the channels have the same stationid in DataDirect."


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