[mythtv-users] PVR500 hardware problems

Andrew Davis andrew at nccomp.com
Wed Oct 11 23:00:58 UTC 2006

Does your system boot normally if you remove the new card? If so, I'd be 
looking at an IRQ mapping issue... or perhaps a controller on the card 
affect the bus path ID for your drive controllers? Not likely, but hard 
to say. Most likely is your card and the drive controller are 
inappropriately sharing an IRQ and causing a conflict. Have you tried 
putting the card into another slot?


Justin Luitjens wrote:
> I recently received my PVR 500 in the mail. My plan is to add it to my 
> mythtv box which already has a PVR350. Anyway I install the card and 
> turn on the computer and grub gets to
> Load Stage 1.5.....
> and then it does 1 of 4 things. Sometimes it hangs and does nothing, and 
> other times it errors out with error number 16,17, or 18. If I remove 
> the card it boots fine.
> Another interesting thing I noticed while trying to figure out what was 
> wrong with my grub was when I have the pvr 500 card in sometimes my 
> cdrom/dvd drives won't boot off a bootable media.
> Anyone know what might be wrong?  Could the card be bad?  Am I having 
> and IRQ conflict of sorts? 
> Thanks,
> Justin
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