[mythtv-users] SVN vs RPM

Leighton Brough brough at baremetalsoft.com
Wed Oct 11 02:27:52 UTC 2006

David Fishburn wrote:
> I checked the archives but didn't really see an answer to this.
> If you are setting up a new machine from scratch, is it better to just grab
> the source (via SVN) and compile it yourself, or use an available RPM
> (whatever per platform)?
> The bundled up versions always seem to be out of date with bugs.  Just
> wondering if it would be worse compiling up the source.
I've found a combination of the two the most effective. If your choice 
of distro has package management which automatically sorts out 
dependencies, then installing a MythTV package is an easy way to 
automatically install much of the software you'll need. You can then 
remove the MythTV package, and build and install from source.

I think the 0.20-fixes branch of the SVN tree is supposed to be the most 
stable, recent version available at the moment. Aside from bugs, you may 
well need to build and install from source to get the right myth 
configuration, depending on how you want to setup your system.


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