[mythtv-users] Problem with 0.20 with Tuning

Matthew Walkup mwalkup.lists at walkupnet.com
Tue Oct 10 23:44:55 UTC 2006


Impressed me once again. That was exactly what the problem was.

Thank you!

- Happy MythTv'er 

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On 10/10/06 17:40, Matthew Walkup wrote:

>I've gotten everything working (thanks all for your assistance with 
>this!!), but I have one strange issue.  When I tune via ivtv-tune -d 
><device> -c <channel> it tunes properly from channel 2-99 (correct).  
>However if I tune via mythtv it only tunes properly from 2-13.  If I 
>got above 13, I get static.  Watching mythtv, and manually tuning via
ivtv-tune also works...
>All of the channel information is correct from Zap2It (channel numbers, 
>names, etc; and I'm sure I selected the correct listings).
># ivtv-tune -d /dev/video1 -c 13
>/dev/video1: 211.250 MHz
># ivtv-tune -d /dev/video1 -c 14
>/dev/video1: 121.250 MHz
># ivtv-tune -d /dev/video1 -c 15
>/dev/video1: 127.250 MHz
># ivtv-tune -d /dev/video1 -c 68
>/dev/video1: 487.250 MHz

If those are the freq's that work, I'd bet you set the us-bcast frequency
table in mythtv-setup.  You probably have us-cable.  (Set the default in
General settings on page "Global Backend Setup".)

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