[mythtv-users] HTDV 1080i source at 1080i DVI - Interlace field order backwards on GeForce 6200

Leif Huhn leif at dkstat.com
Tue Oct 10 18:58:48 UTC 2006

I have the same problem (fields being swapped), but as far as I know
all my 1080i recordings have a problem.

My setup:

KnoppMyth R5D1
MythTV 0.19-fixes (that comes w/ KnoppMyth R5D1)
ASUS Extreme N6200TC256/TD
NVIDIA 8774 drivers

I've tried a 1080i modeline with the following two displays:

Sony KD34XBR960 connected via Audio Authority 9A60
ViewSonic P95f+ multiscan CRT (directly via VGA)

This happens with and without XvMC.

BOB works fine, but I'd like to preserve the spatial resolution of the
signal, and I'd prefer to not have to muck with the deinterlace
settings (even in 0.20 I hear it gets the detection wrong so I don't
imagine that's a solution).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,


On Thu, Jul 20, 2006 at 07:51:54AM -0500, Paul Robertson wrote:
> Recently upgraded to 6200 nvidia GeForce adapter, and now have a new
> problem.  When displaying HTDV 1080i source at 1080i DVI resolution, it
> appears the interlaced field order is incorrect.  This is indicated by the
> fast back and forth jitter that I am observing for all vertical and
> horizontal motion.  I do not have this problem with either GeForce FX440 or
> 5200.
> I am running Nvidia 8762 driver + XvMC + OpenGL Vert Sync + No
> Deinterlacing.
> Tried tweaking all Xv and OpenGL setting in nvidia-settings, disabling
> OpenGL (reverting to RTC) timing, .  These made no difference (really wasn't
> expecting them too).
> As an experiment I enabled Bob (2X framerate) deinterlacing in mythtv.  This
> solved the fast back and forth jitter, but it appears this causes me to lose
> motion detail.  This also begs the question, "Why would I need to
> deinterlace an interlaced source for an interlaced display?"
> It simply appears the interlace fields are not being displayed in the
> correct order.  Is there a way to tell the mythtv , X or the nvidia driver
> to swap the field order?
> Paul Robertson - paulrobertson at swbell.net

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