[mythtv-users] Video card output doesn't seem to match screen perfectly

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Oct 9 18:05:40 UTC 2006

On 10/09/06 13:31, Jim C. wrote:

>K so I've got DVI out (from the video card) hooked up to HDMI in on the 
>TV. They don't seem to quite match up.  I doubt I'm getting the 
>resolution that I should be for example. Also, does anyone know how to 
>set an aspect ratio for a Video card?

Very complex question with a very simple answer that's often wrong...

The answer is the DisplaySize setting in your X configuration file 
should be set to a value whose ratio is equal to that of the display's 
aspect ratio.

However, in MythTV 0.20-fixes and before, the DisplaySize must be set to 
a value that yields 100x100DPI.

However, depending on what other X settings you've specified and what 
video drivers you're using, the DisplaySize may be ignored.  If, for 
example, you specify a DPI setting in the X configuration file, it will 
take precedence over the DisplaySize setting.  Or, if you specify the 
command-line "-dpi" argument when starting the X server (which many 
(IMHO, broken) distributions do by default), the DPI /and/ DisplaySize 
settings in the X configuration file are ignored.

Also, when using some drivers--such as NVIDIA's proprietary binary-only 
drivers version 8756 or above--if your display reports a display size in 
the EDID, all DisplaySize/DPI-related settings and arguments are ignored 
unless you disable use of EDID DPI and or EDID.

for more.


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