[mythtv-users] Does 0.20 take a beefier machine?

White Joe joe.white at consultant.volvo.com
Mon Oct 9 16:17:04 UTC 2006

I have been running Myth since late 0.17 on an A7N8X-E with a 2.8 AMD with 512MB of RAM.  First with one PVR-250, then when it came out, a PVR-500 as well.  Aside from some occasional pixelation during major CGI or all three tuners starting at once, its been good.  In the last week, since I have upgraded to 0.20 and after a complete wipe of the machine, I have noticed a lot of lag in menu navigation.  Twenty seconds to open Watch Recordings, or ten seconds to reach the exit question from the main menu.  These were both zero to two second operations last week.

So the question is, is this expected behavor for a FE/BE system of this power running Myth 0.20?  Do I have a good excuse to buy more hardware?


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