[mythtv-users] xscreensaver behaviour not consistent

Jason fearthepenguin at jasonandjessi.com
Mon Oct 9 03:19:04 UTC 2006

Hey gang.   So I'm running .20 with xscreensaver 5.0 on my frontend.  
xscreensaver is disabled automatically when I'm watching live TV as it
should be and when I'm playing a DVD with the internal player.   I've
set mythvideo to also use the Internal player instead of mplayer, but it
doesn't seem to disable xscreensaver when I'm watching a video.  
xscreensaver also kicks on when I'm listening to mp3's with full screen
visualizations.   The MP3 deal I can live with,  but why when using the
internal player would mythvideo not disable xscreensaver?   My
assumption is that mythvideo assumes that it is using mplayer which
disables xscreensaver on its own.  

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