[mythtv-users] Random horizontal flashes

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 9 02:20:48 UTC 2006

> I have a similar problem with mythtv 0.20, Nvidia 6150
> onboard video (using 8762 drivers).
> I see the white lines only in the myth interface. In the blue
> theme, I see them during the new fade transitions
> between menu pages.
> In the GANT theme, I see lines continuously while
> the main menus are being displayed. I do not
> see them in the recording screens or the setup screens.
> I have a similar setup with an nvidia 5200 card that does not
> have this interference.
> The problems go away if I turn off the opengl transitions.
> Any ideas?

I'm also using a 6150 onboard video (on my Asus M2NPV-VM) with nVidia
drivers 8774 and MythTV 0.20 from ATrpms.  I'm using a VGA connection to
my HD monitor.

It's not de-interlacing, I verified that last night.  I've also played
around with the settings in nvidia-settings, and changed from OpenGL Vsync
to RTC.  None of those seems to affect it.

It seems to be much more noticable during HD playback, but maybe that's
just me.  I'm not seeing any messages on the console from mythfrontend, so
I don't think that it's MPEG-2 errors/artifacting.  It's not a constant
line, and it doesn't even run across the entire screen - it's just a
little line, maybe 1/8th the width of the screen, one or two pixels high,
at a random position.

I'm suspecting that it is either a video driver or chipset issue, as I
don't recall seeing it with the 5200FX in my old system (but, I wasn't
running 0.20 on my old system).  One thing that I might try is to put my
ATI X800 from my desktop system into the frontend and see if that makes
the lines go away.  I could also bring up my old frontend, and upgrade it
to 0.20 and see what happens.

And now as I'm looking at the screen, I'm seeing about four pixels near
the top flickering constantly.  Hmmm....  (And then it went away once the
commercials stopped and the baseball game resumed.)

-- Joe

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