[mythtv-users] xorg.conf question

Andrew Davis andrew at nccomp.com
Thu Oct 5 23:42:36 UTC 2006

I've been attempting to hack out an xorg.conf by hand but keep hitting 
one roadblock or another. I'm listing below what I think is the proper 
format... could someone tell me if I'm correct?

The "ServerLayout" defines one (or more) "Screens" as well as the 
keyboard and mouse...

A "Screen" is a combination of a "Device" and a "Monitor"...

A "Monitor" is just that... an LCD, CRT, TV, projector, etc...

A "Device" is a video card...

Am I correct so far? If so, then...

A "Device" (a video card") can have multiple output ports, so while a 
"Screen" is a combination/definition of a "Device" and a "Monitor", that 
means you can define, for example, two "Screens" that could call the 
same "Device", but have different "Monitor" 's. However, since the 
different output ports typically have different options and 
capabilities, this wouldn't necessarily work. You would define a 
"Screen" as using "MonitorA" and "DeviceA" with options set for MonitorA 
in a "Monitor" section (such as HorizSync and VertRefresh") and the same 
for a "Device" (such as "ConnectedMonitor" "TV"). However, its in the 
"Screen" section that you define resolutions, not in the "Monitor" 
section... presumably because the resolution capabilities are made up of 
the capabilities of both the "Monitor" and the "Device"???

Am I still on track???

Assuming so, then one final question... does the order matter (other 
than "Options"... obviously an "Option" for a "Device" must be defined 
in the "Device" section). I ask because I read through most example 
xorg.conf files, I see:

Server Flags
Input Devices

For some reason, that doesn't fit in my brain as a proper "dependency 
layout" if the way I've described things above is correct. To me, a more 
organized, "dependency layout" would be:


If someone could clear this up for me (both my assumptions above, as 
well as question about order), I'm thinking I might get further in 
getting my xorg.conf to work properly.

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