[mythtv-users] Wishlist feature for adding a hard drive

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Thu Oct 5 13:43:48 UTC 2006

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> Subject: [mythtv-users] Wishlist feature for adding a hard drive
> I've been thinking of getting a second storage drive for my backend, and
> it
> looks like I'll need to use LVM to join the two drives in to one big
> logical
> one.
> This got me to thinking.  Wouldn't it be nice if mythtv had the option of
> multiple storage drives/directories?  Then it could do a sort of load
> balancing between drives.  This would be most effective if the two drives
> were on different cables, at least for PATA.
> Lets say I'm recording three shows and watching two at the same time.  If
> myth
> put two of the shows on one drive, and one on the other, then I would be
> much
> less likely to be hurt by disk performance bottlenecks.
> Of course I'm not sure how important disk performance is.  I haven't had a
> problem yet, but if I add a fourth tuner I might. I was pleasantly
> surprised
> that I had no hiccups recording 3 and watching 1 on Sunday night.  It was
> the
> first time I had dared do that.
> I know that this sort of thing can be accomplished with raid0 striping,
> but
> that has the major disadvantage of me losing all of my recording in the
> event
> of a hard drive failure.  If half of the recordings were on each drive,
> I'd
> only lose half of them if a drive died.
> Mark


Try google, gossamer, trac, and you'll see loads about multiple storage
directories. Including patches etc for turning the theory into practice!


Always remember, most ideas you come up with are undoubtedly unoriginal in
this day and age ;-) (and luckily also in this day and age someone else has
normally done it for you as well!!!)

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