[mythtv-users] UPnP Myth .20 Roku HD1000

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Oct 4 21:02:37 UTC 2006

Bill Peck wrote:
> I was very pleased to see that with the latest ATRPMS UPnP video 
> playback is working perfectly on my HD1000!  Especially important 
> since the native MythRoku has stopped working and devleopment is slow.
> I was wondering if it might be possible to have the MythServer skip 
> commercials for the UPnP clients?  Since the server would basically 
> have to skip the video that is flagged as a commercial it could get 
> annoying if it got it wrong.  Surely it would have to be an option to 
> turn on or off, or maybe provide another UPnP folder or file that is 
> the "commercial less" version.  Another thought would be to show the 
> commercial video if the user rewinds or forwards around a commercial cut.
> It just seems that now that UPnP is starting to work so well and we 
> don't have to worry about protocol versions on our silent frontends 
> that we could bring back the best feature of MythTV. :-)
Since they skipping is done by the client (frontend), not the backend, 
your best bet is to do a lossless transcode and cut out the commercials 
from the original file which will then not have them when streamed to 
the client.


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