[mythtv-users] Transcode & nuvexport error. Help still needed, obviously not a version thin

Christopher Friend christopher_friend at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 4 15:34:31 UTC 2006

>>running nuvexport ... causes the following error: [transcode] critical: 
>>invalid pcm parameter 'rate' for option -e -e being 0,16,0 on 1st and 2nd 
>>passes, and possibly the cause of the error.

Right, the powers that be (transcode devs) have informed me that -e should 
be set for sample rate, bits, and channels. in otherwords, 48000,16,2 for 
the mythtv recordings (please, correct me if they should be anything other 
than 48,000 sample rate) and this is the likely cause of the error.

what i don't know is what's causing the parameters to be set to 0,16,0.

Transcode isn't the problem, as i now have a copy of the rpm that was 
previously working installed. MythTV probably isn't the problem, otherwise 
you'd all have it. nuvexport, i'm not sure about.

line 243 of /nuvexport-0.4/export/transcode.pm from the latest 
nuvexport-0.4-0.20061002.svn code:

# Figure out the input files

.' -e '.join(',', $episode->{'finfo'}{'audio_sample_rate'}, 
$episode->{'finfo'}{'audio_channels'}) ;

so... sample rate, bits, channels... hmm.... Can't fingure out what it's 
doing to get that info (doesn't appear to be any other reference to 
audio_anything anywhere) so i guess i'm stuck again.

What i do know is kaffeine also lists the bitrate as "Audio: MPEG audio 
layer 2 (lib: MAD) 0kb/s". which may mean it's something to do with mad, and 
i know i spent a while updating mad type stuff a while ago, so the problem 
may be related. that said, xine figured out the sample / bits / channels 

so i just need to figure out what's setting the audio paramaters in 
nuvexport for the input file and i can try fix that. in the mean time i'm 
gonna go figure out how to run the nuvexport commands manually and put in 
the correct paramaters.


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