[mythtv-users] Successful Myth Install - 2 Questions

Andrew Davis andrew at nccomp.com
Tue Oct 3 23:20:38 UTC 2006

Bill Witherspoon wrote:
> Hi all,
> First thanks to the community for making this great package. I've been
> following for a couple of years with a myth install in the lab (the
> office), but finally had the guts to go all out and put one in the
> living room. WAF is high despite a couple of issues:
> 1) My case is a Silverstone LC10B, and the fans are *LOUD*. If I run
> both front intake and the 2 60mm rears, I can hear the box upstairs in
> the bedroom - probably 30+ ft and two walls away. Has anyone else faced
> this? My only solution was to unplug the intake fan which seems to cut
> the noice appreciably, but I still think the two fans in the back are
> quite loud. Any suggestions?
Trying doing a search on froogle for "silent case fans" or perhaps more 
specifically "silent 60mm case fans". You can usually get 'em for less 
than $20 each. Also, show your local hardware store for plastic or 
rubber washers and put these between the fans and the case to cut 
resonance. Finally, perhaps consider a new case. I have the LC17S from 
Silverstone and with one 80mm in front of the drive cage, to 80mm case 
exhaust fans, the 90mm P/S fan, and the CPU cooling fan, its still very 
quiet. Of course, I'm using the P/S silencer that Silverstone offers as 
well as the newer 600W modular P/S from them that is only about 17dB 
(w/o the external silencer). I've also found that I can set the drive 
fan to its lowest setting (the newer SATAII drivers run cooler), and 
disable one of the rear case fans and not have any heat issues...
> 2) Myth (0.20 on Gentoo btw) seems to occasionally split recordings
> seemingly at random. At first I thought it was related to file size (I'm
> on XFS) because it split a 6 hr recording into 3 pieces. Last night,
> however, it split a one hour recording at ~47 minutes. My only suspect
> is mythfilldatabase which I had set to update once per day scheduled by
> Zap2it. The mythbackendlogs seem to show that mythfilldatabase is
> running multiple times/day at fairly strange time (5pm??). Does
> mythfilldatabase shutdown the back end to do it's work? Regardless, I've
> changed the update to once every 2 days, between 1am and 3am. Is that
> appropriate?
> I can post relevant logs, dmesg, etc. but didn't think it was
> appropriate to just blast it at the list without checking first.
> Thanks for any help.
> Bill.
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