[mythtv-users] [solved, but how?] Re: name change effecting mythconverg database

Nick Ellson grimm at nickellson.com
Tue Oct 3 12:50:17 UTC 2006

So the idea is that when my system was just pixie.home and the database 
dump shows "pixie" only, that it wasn't getting the FQDN somehow and my 
redoing the domainname to nickellson.com maybe have now woke it up into 
using pixie.nickellson.com?

I had banged my head into this quite a bit last night. Looked through some 
more logs, and decided to go after another issue I was having after 
updating all my packages. (Gentoo box, moved to 2.6.28 sources and had to 
generate my own ebuild for ivtv 0.8.0) Anyway in that process I noticed 
that my firmware for my two PVR-500's was not being found. I corrected 
that, and to really irritate me the system stopped complaining about my 
SQL/Backend database connection. <sigh> Is there a change that if my 
tuners would not load that the part of the backend governing Live TV and 
recording playback could have actually not been running? So instead of a 
permissions issues as the error half lead to, it would have really been 
the backend not firing on all thrusters?

All I did was make sure the gentoo package of ivtv was putting the 
firmware where it was being looked for. Then reloaded the ivtv module, 
which took 20 secs longer than before and showed in dmesg that it was 
actually finding the cards. Restarted mythbackend, (not the frontend) and 
when I tried to open live TV, it just worked.. no error. Same with 
playback, and all my previously recorded stuff was showing.

As it sits, after seveal reboots just to make sure, my only issus seems to 
be the auto-login and fvwm/X11 startup got removed in my update, so I need 
to remember which of the many methods of auto-login I used before ;)

Thank you all for the advice, I saved that troubleshooting page on name 
changes in my document store incase I do this again.


Nick Ellson
MCSE 2000, Security+, Network+
Network Hobbyist, VFR Private Pilot.

On Mon, 2 Oct 2006, Trey Thompson wrote:

> Look in the database, in any table.
> The hostname there is the fully qualified domain name (host.domain).
> You'll have to change all those.
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>> It is different, and if you look at the database, the FQDN is used all
>> over the place.
> grep did not find it...
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