[mythtv-users] Any sample HDTV files available?

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 2 21:55:18 UTC 2006

Tony Di Bona wrote:
> Hi Group:
> My Mythtv system continues to perform well after a few months of use
> -- before undertaking the effort to upgrade its capability to include
> HDTV (new tuner cards, other hardware as needed) I thought it would be
> useful to load and play a sample HDTV file with my current
> configuration. This will help me identify any issues with the back
> end, network, front end, monitor, etc. processing the data within the
> available bandwidth and provide the HDTV image I am hoping for.
> Using Google I found some 1080p .wav files on the Microsoft site
> (interesting, but not the native .mpg format used by Mythtv), and also
> some .mpg files elsewhere but would rather a short (~30 second
> recording, enough to get past any buffering that takes place) from a
> Mythtv system (perhaps part of a TV commercial to avoid copyright
> issues) to ensure the test file format is correct.
> If you know of a suitable test file currently online please post the
> link. If you are willing to record a snippet of a HDTV stream with
> your MythTV system please let me know if you can do a http transfer of
> the captured file to me through yousendit.com <http://yousendit.com>
> (unless the file size is less than 10MB in which case you can email it
> to me directly at this gmail account)
has one, but it's 1080i.
 under the "Downloads" section.

brad fuller

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