[mythtv-users] OT: PVR-150 MCE $60 After Rebates at Circuit City

mythtv-users mythtv-users at fastdruid.co.uk
Mon Oct 2 00:21:54 UTC 2006

>> No worries; it's perfectly compatible. I'm using 2 of them.
> I picked one of these up today as well so I'm glad to see this post. One
> question I still have though. With lirc, will this remote work ALONG
> WITH the older grey remotes?
> I send my AV/remote signals to other TVs in the house, so I have several
> remotes around. I have both versions of the old grey ones and now this
> one. I don't seem to be able to use both versions of the grey remotes at
> one time, so I'm wondering if I'll be able to use this new one at the
> same time?

I've nearly got the same, I've got a PVR-350 and Nova-T with two different
remotes, my lircd.conf has two sections[0], one for the PVR-350 remote,
one for the Nova-T. Both worked[1] fine.



[0] It can have as many sections as you want, if you need diferent drivers
you can run multiple lirc instances with different drivers/config files.
[1] I say worked cos I've 'retired' the PVR-350 remote as it doesn't have
enough buttons. :-)

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