[mythtv-users] OSD width is same as video being played, not the video mode

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 1 07:04:04 UTC 2006

I originally noticed this a long time ago
but at the time I thought that I was losing my mind - and the fact that
there were no responses made me think that I had made a mistake.

I upgraded my motherboard last weekend to something with a nVidia 6150
onboard chipset, and it's working great - the extra CPU power is helping
with HD decoding.  Since I changed the hard drive to a laptop drive (I had
a spare one lying around), I reinstalled everything and upgraded to 0.20.

However, with the 6150, I've had to give up the Chromakey OSD (as it's not
supported on the 6000 series and higher).  Because of this, I've noticed
that the OSD is displayed in the width of the video being played, not the
actual screen resolution.  (With Chromakey, the OSD was displayed the
entire width of the screen, regardless of SD versus HD.)

With my setup, I'm running in 720p (1280x720), since that is the native
resolution of my monitor (although it will do 1080i as well).  I have both
HD input (via a FusionHDTV 5 Lite) and SD input (via a PVR-500).

If I press the "Info" button twice (bringing up the show information), the
width of the OSD is different:
Widescreen (16x9) (720p): The OSD is the width of the entire screen
Normal (4:3): The OSD is the width of the program being played.

In both cases, the monitor is set to 720p, so my SD programs have borders
on the side.  But with SD programs, the OSD does not cover the borders,
and logically, I would think that it would.

Is my assumption wrong here?

-- Joe

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