[mythtv-users] Sync issues on playback

Michael Tiller michael.tiller at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 16:33:51 UTC 2006

I recently used the following command to transcode some HD content down to a
more manageable size (both screen space and disk space):

mencoder /video/library/$1 -o /video/library/$1.tmp \
  -oac copy -ovc xvid -vf scale=720:400 \
  -xvidencopts bitrate=900:turbo:nochroma_me:notrellis:max_bframes=0:vhq=0

I then took this transcode recording and overwrote the original recording
(as part of a user job).  Now when I go to "Recorded Shows" and select the
show I see the playback fine but if I do any kind of skipping around, the
audio becomes completely out of sync.  Exiting from playback and starting
again doesn't fix the issue.  I have to use the "Play from..."->"Beginning"
option in order ot resync them.  It should go without saying that for a DVR
this is extremely inconvenient. :-)

First question...is there a way to somehow re-syncronize the audio and
video?  I tried the "use video as timebase" option on playback but that
didn't do anything.

Second question...is there a different output codec I should be using
instead?  My main issue here is actually screen size, not file size.  If I
could resize but output in mpeg2, I'd be happy to do that...I'm just now
sure how to formulate the command line for mencoder.

Note, I did not up date the file size in Myth but I'm guessing the playback
doesn't care about this. (?)

As always, I'd be grateful for pointers and very happy for outright answers.

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