[mythtv-users] Multiple channels single tuner: a kludgey solution?

Ashley Bostock abostock at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 12:59:25 UTC 2006

I thought the using multiple channels on a mux was the easy part.  Just
integrating it all with the scheduler which is the hard part, something your
solution doesn't really help with.


On 11/30/06, Rev Simon Rumble <simon at rumble.net> wrote:
> So I was thinking about this and thought up a dodgy hack that might just
> work.  It's not perfect in many ways.
> I notice some discussions about IPTV streams being usable in MythTV.  So
> if you had a tuner for every multiplex, you could demux each tuner and
> turn each into an IPTV stream (with dvbstream?).  Each stream is then
> seen as an individual "tuner", from the MythTV perspective.
> Of course there's problems:
> * You'll need a tuner per multiplex, or at least one free tuner to be an
>   "ordinary" tuner to catch the rest
> * There's a continuous overhead doing the demuxing and streaming, even
>   when nobody's watching/recording anything
> Now I know little about IPTV, but does this sound plausible?  Can
> dvbstream or similar product IPTV streams?
> For people in the UK, it might be enough to have three tuners for DVB-t,
> one for the main BBC mux, one for the C4/ITV mux and a floating one for
> the rest.  That would cover the vast majority of really useful content.
> Those of us in Australia don't get a whole lot of multichanneling right
> now, so it wouldn't help much for us.  Our politicians need a changing.
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