[mythtv-users] Video and Channel Problems

Timothy Chartier thymus at earthling.net
Wed Nov 29 19:36:36 UTC 2006

I got my MythTestBox (as it is currently named) up and running. I have been able to get the manual recording to work however I have two problems. 

First, when I tell it to record for an hour it only records for 40min.It says it records for 60 min but when I play it with VLC on my OSX.3 laptop it shows up as 39 min. Even stranger is it seems to be playing for the full hour but doesn't look distorted. I tried to record a show that was 2 hours and it recorded for 80 min. Does anyone know why this is happening? I am thinking I may have the recorder set to the wrong MPG type. (2 vs 4 maybe?). This is coming from the Dish Network Satellite receiver box to the PVR-150 card via composite lines if that info is helpful. 

Second, I got my labs,zap2it.com account and selected my channels however there were no channels under 100. That didn't bother me much as IIRC all the channels under 100 are duplicated over 100 so not a big deal. The problem is that when I went to set up my MythTV box I did an auto scan and no channels over 100 showed up. Is there a way to manually add/remove channels that I may have (stupidly) missed? Or is auto scanning the only way? It would be nice to have the TV listings show up in MythTV so I could browse and select what to record there.


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