[mythtv-users] Transcode blues...

Michael Tiller michael.tiller at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 16:55:13 UTC 2006

Just so I get this straight, if I set a transcode profile, that by itself
doesn't do anything.  It is only if I also select auto-transcode that it
actually does the transcoding (according to the profile).  Is that correct?

If I don't select auto-transcode is there any reason to even have the
"transcode profile" in there?  In my experience if I transcode manually
(after recording) it always asks me for the transcoding profile then.

Finally, is anybody working on the ability to manually activate transcoding
from MythWeb?  I was on the road recently and it would have been cool to be
able to do this.


On 11/29/06, Joe Silver <devils.taco at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/29/06, Michael Tiller <michael.tiller at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > One question...is it better to do this with the built-in transcoding or
> > does it make more sense to user a user job?  (that is what I am working on
> > currently)
> >
> > For example, at this point I cannot play HD recordings directly on my
> > frontend.  I'd like to transcode all HD recordings down.  But if I set up
> > automatic transcoding then it seems like I'll get into a situation where I'm
> > transcoding everything which is unnecessary.  Using a user job, at least I
> > can check the dimensions of the recording to see if it needs transcoding
> > otherwise do nothing.  Or, perhaps I'm misunderstanding how automatic
> > transcoding works?!?
> >
> > --
> > Mike
> You don't have to transcode *everything*.  When you setup to record a
> program, one of the options is to auto-transcode.  When you do this, you
> should choose which transcode profile to use for that particular program (or
> weekly recording, etc).  I personally only need to transcode those HD
> programs which i will watch with the xbox frontend (eg. 'The Office'), since
> it can't handle full HD.  All SD programs are fine and I don't transcode
> (eg. 'The Daily Show').  HD programs which I typically watch on my main
> back/frontend don't need transcoded (eg. 'CSI'), since the hardware there
> can handle HD with no problems.  It's actually very flexible.
> -JS
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