[mythtv-users] Nuvexport does not see all shows

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Nov 28 17:45:28 UTC 2006

Fedor Pikus wrote:
> I know that I have two recordings with cut lists, I can see it in the frontend.
> But that message made me go and count the files. I see two types of files:
> 1009_20060218212700_20060218233000.nuv etc
> There are indeed 18 of these.
> 1041_20060821102700.mpg
> There are 26 of these, looks like they are missing recordings. What
> would cause myth to create them? I have not defined any automatic
> conversions. Frontend seems to have no problem with them, I can play
> them and even edit them. What are these files?

You likely updated your backend but not nuvexport.  Nuvexport is tied to
the version of mythtv you run:  0.2.x for .18, 0.3.x for .19 and 0.4.x
for .20.  Just grab the newest svn tarball for your mythtv version:


MythTV changed the recording naming scheme in .19 and put the filenames
into the DB so files can actually be renamed now (take a look at
mythrename.pl in contrib).  nuvexport needed to be updated to be aware
of this.

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