[mythtv-users] Infrared support

jafa hdtv at silicondust.com
Mon Nov 27 17:12:58 UTC 2006

ICMan wrote:
> I am looking for some advice on where to get a decent IR receiver, and 
> what I should try to get my hands on.  I am using the ASUS AB-P2800 box, 
> with a Celeron (soon to be updated to a P4 HT), but the P2800 does not 
> have a built in IR port.  Silly, because it has almost literally 
> everything else.
> I was thinking of ordering an IRman, but they seem expensive, and I have 
> to wait for it to ship in from Europe.  Does anyone have any other 
> suggestions?
> Thanks.
> ICMan

If you are interested in Digital OTA/Cable TV then the product I am 
involved in may be of interest.

The HDHomeRun has dual tuners and IR support. The IR support works out 
of the box with LIRC.


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