[mythtv-users] Some questions from beginner user of MythTV!

Mike Dent mcdent at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 16:06:06 UTC 2006

I attempted to setup a couple of MythTV boxes some time ago but ran in to some
problems, mainly lack of time!

Anyway I'm back again after a while away! I'm still looking at a
system to replace
my UK Tivo. I considered Windows Media centre but really would prefer
not to use that if I can help it!

I have some questions/concerns and would really appreciate any input
on the following please......

I want a system which is pretty reliable and easy for the wife to
use!? Yes 'wife acceptance' is probably a major item!

Both our kids have version 1 Xboxes in their rooms, so the ability for
them to receive content would be good.? (these Xbox have mod chips

My idea was to have a frontend box in the lounge, a quiet PC is
obviously a must for this and we have UK Sky (not Plus) here too, so
I'd like to be able to record from that and control its channel
changing from Myth? I have a Nemiah 1.0Ghz - EPIA 5000 tiny PC, is
this CPU man enough for a front end with a WinTV PVR-250 card which I

A larger more beefy PC at the backend with big disks and possibly two
digital TV (freeview) inputs would be installed in the loft.

Will the USB types work well?
This box would do some other stuff, possibly run my security cameras
which have their own PC at the moment in the loft running Zoneminder,
an approximate spec of PC required for this would be welcome?
(currently a 1.4Ghz P4 with 512mb for zoneminder)

I'm also not sure how the backend is controlled from the frontend or
more specifically the user interaction of programming and viewing
content? Does the user need to have knowledge of the setup of the
system or is this mainly seamless?

Many thanks!


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