[mythtv-users] Proper Recording Resolution and Video Quality

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Mon Nov 27 06:15:24 UTC 2006

Justin Luitjens wrote:
> I noticed one more thing about the video quality there is a video
> artifact of scrolling diagonal lines going across the screen that look
> like this //////.  The lines are fairly subtle.

Higher bit-rate = higher quality. Plus a bigger screen generally means a
higher bit rate as well.

For PVR 500 and PVR 350 cards i'd capture NTSC at 720x480.

Bit rate around 4800 is ok for general recordings on a 28" screen, but if
you want something closer to broadcast try around 6400 with a peak at
9000. Better yet if you have plenty of storage try 7600 with a peak around

I've found with our customers and PAL video once they get onto large LCD
and plasma screens I have to set their default to atleast 6400 or they
complain about the quality.

The /// patern is probably off your cable box or on the PVR500 tuners. You
need to get better shielded cable and make sure your signal strength is
high enough. The PVR500 cards have a built in splitter that causes some
loss and shows up crosstalk.


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