[mythtv-users] Mythnews - not updating

Dave Ruddle dave.ruddle at talktalk.net
Sun Nov 26 17:06:05 UTC 2006

I am using MythTV with Ubuntu Dapper and the Mythnews add-on.  I have a
Hauppage WinTV-Nova-T card that works fine with the TV side of things.  When
I go to the news reader, the stories have not updated from when i installed
the software.  If I go to the setup, it tells me I can press the Menu button
on the remote to set update times, but the Menu button doesnt do anything on
the remote.
Is there a file I can update or a command I can run to make the updates
happen and schedule them ?


Many thanks


Dave Ruddle


dave.ruddle at talktalk.net 

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