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Yes I follow this instructions. Make is installed I can edit kernel but I
don't know if Qmake is installed. How I know if Qmake is installed ??




Do you have Qmake installed and did you follow the setps in the install





The following instructions work for Mandriva using bash as the shell, and
may be applicable for a distribution which uses /etc/profile.d.


 NOTE: Mandriva 10 installs a /etc/profile.d/qtdir3.sh file, but it doesn't
include the addition of the PATH variable. If you're running Mandriva 10,
don't create a mythtv.sh file as detailed below; edit the qtdir3.sh file and
add the PATH statement within the if / fi block. As root, create the
following file in /etc/profile.d The example filename is "mythtv.sh".

Use what you feel is appropriate.


Open a shell, and switch to superuser mode. 


 NOTE: ^D means press CTRL and d at the same time. 


$ su

# cd /etc/profile.d

cat > mythtv.sh

export QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt3

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/qt3/bin



# chmod a+x mythtv.sh

# exit

$ exit







I'm a novice on Linux and I would like to install Mythtv. I used the last
Mandriva version and I have a problem. 


When I compile Mythtv with this command "./configure"

, Mythtv return me

this error :" Cannot execute






Do you know this problem ? 


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